Family Legacy - Our Brands

Flying V - The Flying V is one of the oldest brands known in California. Brought from Texas to California in 1850 by a family with the last name of Moore.  When Cortney’s Papa Dan (her mother’s father) was finishing his military service with the Army, he purchased the flying V brand along with the Moore’s cattle and leased their ground for several decades. This was Dan’s first branding iron, as well as the first cows he ever purchased. This brand is located on the left hip of the animal and is especially popular with cattlemen since the brand can be very clearly identified.
TF brand - The TF brand was Cortney’s great grandparents’ (Papa Dan’s parents - Ted and Libby) first registered brand. This brand was originally created in Fresno county in the 1920’s and joined the family when Cortney’s great grandparents were married in 1927 and purchased this brand together. The TF brand is also located on the left hip. Currently in the 3rd generation of family ownership, this brand is maintained by Cortney’s father.
Quarter Circle CO - The Quarter Circle CO brand belonged to Cortney’s great uncle Bob Johnson (her mother’s uncle).  In 1935, Papa Dan bought this branding iron from Uncle Bob, as well as his cows. The brand has continued to stay in the family for a 4th generation where Cortney’s brother now marks his cattle with the Quarter Circle CO brand.

KB brand - In the 1920’s, Cortney’s great grandfather, Jesse Knox Blasingame, established this brand in Fresno County. Back then, brands were registered by county and not by state. A few years later, the state of California changed livestock identification rules to where brands would be registered by the state and not in each county. Because of this new rule, there were two KB brands in the state of California registered in different counties; Cortney’s great grandfather’s brand in Fresno County and a brand which belonged to a family near the Oregon border. Sadly for Blasingame, his KB brand had been registered four months after the Northern CA family had registered their own brand so the Blasingame family was forced to relinquish the KB brand. Upon losing this brand, Jesse Knox Blasingame registered the Quarter Circle KB brand in 1940.

Quarter Circle KB brand - This brand was established in 1940 by Cortney’s great grandfather, Jesse Knox Blasingame and was eventually passed down to Cortney’s father, Curtis Blasingame. As of 2012, Cortney has taken over the Quarter Circle KB brand as her personal brand and now uses it to brand her own cattle. Originally, the KB brand was an iron brand on the right hip; however, a few years ago, Curtis registered the Quarter Circle KB brand to be officially located on the left hip. Although the brand is not on the original hip side, a version of the KB brand still runs in the Blasingame family.